Videos to get you started

We have a wide range of instructional and informative videos, explaining how Heyrex works and how to solve some common issues users experience when first starting out. Browse the below videos for the topic most relevant to your needs:

Understanding the Heyrex graphs
Attaching the Heyrex monitor to a buckle collar
Attaching the Heyrex monitor to a clip collar
Positioning Heyrex on your pet
Forgotten your Heyrex password
Making a diary entry in Heyrex
Setting up the Heyrex receiver
To update your pets details on Heyrex
To log in to Heyrex
Updating owner's details on Heyrex
Uploading a photo of your pet in Heyrex
Changing the Batteries

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a place to find common questions about Heyrex. If there’s anything that you can’t find here, please Contact Us.

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Heyrex History
Why we made it & the Heyrex story.