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You’ll never guess in a million years

Hi Everyone,

It’s me, Harriett

You’ll never guess in a million years what happened to me since last time. The. Worst. Thing. Ever.

I got SBS. You know, Sore Butt Syndrome. Usually Hugo gets it. But for the first time ever I got it. And it’s not very nice.

You see, Mum noticed that I was dragging my butt across the carpet a lot more than normal. And then one day she noticed some blood near my butt. Then the next day we were getting our fur cuts at Jane’s place and Mum mentioned to Jane that she thought something was a bit funny. So, Jane was keeping an eye out for something a bit funny and noticed I had a sore right next to my butt. She told Mum and Mum had a look. And sure enough it was a big sore. But Mum didn’t think it was anything as serious as SBS.

So Mum made an appointment to see Peta late that night. Mum just thought I’d need some pills. But Mum and Peta were looking at my butt and going oooohh and ahhhh. Then Peta said it was very serious SBS and that I had to have some urgent surgery to fix it. Whaaaaaaat!!

Sure enough, I had to get put to sleep and then Peta worked her magic on my butt. When Mum came to pick me up a couple of hours later, I felt a bit doodally. I thought I felt normal until I started walking. I was all wobbly, and couldn’t walk straight. Plus my butt was itchy, itchy, itchy. So I wanted to keep licking it. So, they made me wear this big collar thing so I couldn’t reach my butt with my head. Can you believe it! I don’t really remember much about the collar ‘cause I was feeling so whack-a-doodle. But Mum took a photo so she could show me later. I looked a little bit silly with that collar thing on around my neck. But because I’m such a super dooper healer, by the next morning it was allowed to come off and I was as good as always. That Peta is very good at making things better.

I still had to take some pills for a few days, but other than that it was like nothing had happened. Except the photo! Which I have attached so you can all see how silly I looked. Even my tongue was hanging out.

Anyway, I better go now. It’s time to feed the goats. Feeding the goats is my favourite thing.

Lots of licky lick kisses.


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