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Well, Tui has been absolutely spoilt

Well, Tui has been absolutely spoilt by the Heyrex team this month. As a little ‘get well soon’ gift, Tui has been given a Torus bowl! Over the last 6 - 8 weeks, Tui has made such an excellent improvement and he is putting some much more weight on the leg he had surgery on a few months back. It has been great to compare Tui’s remarkable recovery in tandem with the data from his Heyrex monitor.

Tui absolutely loves his new Torus bowl. This bowl (designed and distributed by the Heyrex team) is fantastic both at home, in the car, and indeed anywhere you take your dog (or cat for that matter). Holding up to 2 liters of fresh, filtered water (there is a charcoal filter!) within the walls of the bowl, helps to ensure a clean, cool, drinking supply all year round. The clever design means that only a 1cm layer of fresh water is ever exposed to the environment at any one time. As a dog or cat drinks from the bowl, the 1cm layer is kept constant via an inflow of water from the reservoir within the walls of the bowl.


This bowl design is great for Tui as he is often so hyperactive and keen to drink water that a lot of the contents of a water bowl generally end up all of the floor! A special valve within the bowl means that only a 1cm layer of water is within the bowl at a time. This helps to reduce splashing and wastage of the water within the bowl, and allows for water to be available to dogs like Tui (and cats) all day long.

The added value for Tui is that he absolutely loves travelling in the car. Previously having a water bowl in the car hasn’t been possible as the water splashes everywhere. The unique valve in the bowl makes water available to him, without it splashing out all over the interior of the car. What’s more, the valve can be turned off to stop the flow of water completely for certain situations.

One thing is definitely for sure – both Tui and his owner Ben absolutely love this bowl, and it is a very welcome addition to their household.

Whether you have a small, medium or large breed dog, or even a cat, the Torus bowl is a must have for any pet household in my mind!

Mark and Tui mark_paw.gif

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