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Keeping exercise varied and exciting

Keeping exercise varied and exciting for dogs is very important. Even though it is very uncommon to find a dog that doesn’t get worked up into a craze at the mere suggestion of a walk, changing your dog’s walk locations & type of exercise is a great way to keep things fresh and fun for both of you.

Choco loves a walk. Whether it’s around the block, to the park, in a forest or on the beach, he will happily trot with his tail up and his tongue hanging out the entire time. On a day to day basis, I will switch up the location and type of walk he gets. One day it might be a walk to the beach, followed by some off leash time. Another day, it might mean a short walk to the park to chase the Frisbee, or even simply just a quick walk around the block. These changes in locations and types/degrees of exercise for Choco not only help to keep him super fit, but also mentally stimulated and happy.

Have you only ever taken your dog to the park? Perhaps just around the block? Or maybe it’s all about the chasing games and fetch for your dog? Challenge yourself to try something new with your dog. If your dog likes water, hit the beach and encourage him or her to swim. Or, why not try a social activity like flyball or agility! These are both relatively high intensity exercise that are mentally stimulating, and good for conditioning your dog. The changes in frequency, amount and degree of activity your dog has, will help to keep him or her in the best condition.

The Heyrex monitor can measure it all. Whether it is high intensity or low intensity, in water or on dry land – the Heyrex monitor will capture it all! As I have found with Choco over the last couple of years, the device encourages both you and your dog to become more active.

Happy exercising – don’t forget to switch it up!

Until next time,

Mark & Choco 

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