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I just love summer so much

Hi everyone, it’s me, Harriett

I just love summer so much, it’s my favourite time of year. I get to eat strawbillies, and go for walks on the beach and ‘cause it’s so light at night we get to go outside even when I know it’s past our bedtime. And it’s so hot during the day, that me and Hugs (that’s what I call him when I’m in a hurry) love lying on the cold tiles in the kitchen, and because we lie there all the time, we get to eat all the food that falls on the floor when Dad’s cooking.

Heyrex kept sending Mum emails saying how much scratching we were doing, so Mum checked both of us out to see if there was anything too wrong, and sure enough Hugo had a flea hotspot on his tail, right underneath where Mum couldn’t see it easily. Hugo was quite upset, he was crying and pacing around the place, so Mum gave him one of his arthritis pain killers. And then off to the vets we went. Steve the vet (we couldn’t see Peta ‘cause she was on holiday) didn’t growl at Mum too badly for giving Hugo a painkiller without his permission, he said it wasn’t a bad idea considering how much pain Hugo was in, but he said she’s not to do it again – but she told me in the car that she would do it again in a heartbeat because it made Hugo feel better. She can be a bit naughty sometimes tee hee hee.

But you know something, there is a downside to summer. Because it’s so hot, Mum and Dad don’t take us in the car when they are running errands and stuff. Mum said it’s too dangerous ‘cause the car can get extremely hot very fast. We only get to go in the car if we’re going to visit someone, or when we go to the beach. It’s a little bit annoying ‘cause going in the car is my favourite thing. But you know the good thing about staying home? Mum says she feels guilty leaving us behind, so she’ll always buy us a treat. Woot!

blog10.jpgAnd because it’s so hot, the kittens want to play in the water all the time. They are so funny when they play in the water. Ramona and Sunset Sam do the silliest things. This time I’ve got a photo of Ramona sitting in Mum’s rubbish bin. See I told you the kittens do the silliest things.

I better go now, I’ve got to help Mum defrost the meat for dinner. Meat for dinner is my favourite thing.

Lots of licky lick kisses


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