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Have I ever told you that we all have to sleep in the garage at night?

 Hi everyone, it’s me, Harriett

Have I ever told you that we all have to sleep in the garage at night? Not Mum and Dad, just us furs. We have our own beds, and Mum’s made us all special blankets. And we even have electric blankets in winter to keep us extra toasty. And even though me and Hugo have our own beds, we usually sleep together in the same bed. Hugo is so good to cuddle. And sometimes there is me, Hugo, Ramona and Sam all in the same bed. It can get really squishy when we’re all together. Lucy usually doesn’t sleep near us, she likes to go high and sleep on the bed on the top shelf.

Well, sometimes Ramona gets away with not sleeping in the garage. I’m like how do you get away with that? And she said just act like a statue. So I watched her one night, and sure enough when Mum got up and said “bedtime” and we all started walking down the hall, Ramona just sat really still, and her eyes didn’t move – not one little bit. It’s like she had turned to stone.

So the next night I tried the same thing. And it was working, until Mum yelled out ‘tummy tickle’, I got all silly and rolled over on my back and I knew I had been foiled. So off down the hall I had to go.

The annoying thing is that Mum has told me that I’m a really good sleeper. When Dad goes away and we get to sleep with Mum, I just stay right by her side and sleep all night. I don’t move at all, I do snore loudly though. But Mum said she can usually sleep through our snoring. It’s Hugo. It’s because he gets up and snuffs around the bedroom, and taps to go outside, and when he gets outside he does nothing but sit there. And that really annoys Mum. It’s because of Hugo that we all have to sleep in the garage. Except of course Ramona, when she acts like a statue.

And in the garage we have our very own Torus water bowl. How lucky are we? To have two Torus water bowls. One in the kitchen and one in the garage. The kittens are so funny, when they have a drink out of the Torus bowl, they stick one foot in the water so they know how far down to put their tongue. Me and Hugo, we just stick our tongues all the way to the bottom. That way we get to have our water faster.

Here’s a photo of Lucy being all silly and having a sit down in the wood basket. She’s such a nong, she’d sit on a postage stamp if we put one the floor.


Anyway, I’ve gotta go now. It’s time to help Mum load the groceries. Loading the groceries is my favourite thing.

Lots of licky lick kisses.


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