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2015 seems to be flying along at a tremendous speed

Another month down and 2015 seems to be flying along at a tremendous speed. I hope you have all managed to come up with and (more importantly) stick to some new year’s resolutions for yourself and your dog? For Choco and I, it has meant pretty regular exercise compared to last year. I have managed to take Choco out for a walk around the neighbourhood, or a run down on the beach, nearly every day of January. We are both very pleased with this accomplishment, but more importantly, we are probably more fit than we have ever been. Choco is in excellent body condition right now, and the combination of regular exercise and a careful food plan is the key to that.

Keeping an eye on your dog’s body condition score is really important. Checking your dog’s score on a regular basis will help ensure they don’t become excessively overweight or underweight. Because canine obesity is increasing around the world (as is human obesity), careful feeding, regular exercise, and ongoing monitoring of body condition is very important. The canine body condition score scale goes from 1 to 9. A score of 5 is ideal, while a score of 9 is obese, and a score of 1 emaciated:

I have been keeping Choco on a very strict diet of only Royal Canin kibble with no extra treats or tidbits. This diet in combination with the ongoing monitoring and motivation I get from Choco’s Heyrex monitor helps me to maintain Choco’s body condition score at a 5.

If you haven’t come up with your new year’s resolution yet, why not make a resolution to body condition score your dog every week, and to try to get them to the ideal condition score of 5 out of 9. If your dog is overweight, then consulting with your vet about how to get your dog to lose weight in tandem with a careful diet and ongoing activity monitoring from Heyrex is the next best step.

Here’s to a world with happy and healthy dogs!

Until next time,

Mark & Choco

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