Weight Management

The HeyrexVet Weight Management module has been designed to assist with the often difficult and time consuming task of monitoring your patients weight loss.

Practical Veterinary Applications

Practical applications for the HeyrexVet Weight Management Module include;

  • Prescribing a diet specific to your patient using the HeyrexVet integrated food database.
  • Prescribing a complementary exercise program by setting and monitoring achievable exercise levels to be attained.
  • Monitoring the ratio of calories eaten to calories burned allowing for greater tailoring of dietary plans.
  • Monitoring the resulting speed/rate of weight loss, allowing for adjustments to prevent weight loss occurring too rapidly or not at all.


How the Weight Management Module Improves Standard of Care

The HeyrexVet Weight Management Module allows you to easily set weight loss (or gain) goals. By comparing the ratio of calories eaten to calories burned, HeyrexVet will identify early on if a patient is attaining those goals or not and allow you to alter the objectives of the plan to better suit the patient.

The HeyrexVet system will automatically adjust predictions based on a change in diet or exercise allowing you to quickly see what impact these changes will have on weight loss and also allowing you to easily show clients the effects of feeding additional treats.

The HeyrexVet Food Database

The HeyrexVet food database includes the calorie content of the majority of commercial foods (currently 3,700 foods) and is updated on a monthly basis. This valuable resource saves your staff the time otherwise required to determine what calorific values to ascribe to the diet.


Notifications for the Weight Management Module

Weight Management notifications are generated daily or weekly based on settings you choose when setting the patient up. Notifications for the weight management module include:

  • If the system predicts that a rapid weight change (greater than 2% per week) will occur on the current diet and exercise. This is checked daily and a notification will be sent once a week.
  • When a patient is due for a weigh in at your hospital. A notification is sent to the pet owner at a predetermined interval established by the last weigh in. A reminder will be sent once a week.
  • When a patient achieves or misses a set exercise goal for the week. This notification is sent weekly.
  • A new dietary plan for a patient can be emailed at any time at the request of veterinary staff.
  • A new exercise plan for a patient can be emailed at any time at the request of veterinary staff
  • When the system determines that the weight management plan for a patient needs reviewing because goals set for weight management are unlikely to be attained under the current weight management plan. This is sent weekly.

Setting up the Weight Management Module

Once you have set up your patient in the HeyrexVet system, simply click on the Weight Management tab and click the enabled button.

Next you can add the patient’s current weight and a target weight.

You then select a diet from the drop down database function and set an exercise plan.

The system needs at least two weigh in’s in order to forecast weight changes. The more details you enter the better any forecast weight will be.

Finally you can decide which notifications you would like to be sent by clicking the appropriate boxes.

HeyrexVet will let you know if anything requires attention, so you can get on to your next patient knowing that HeyrexVet is still keeping an eye on the current patient.

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