Long-term Overview

By identifying accurate trends as to how much time your patient spends participating in different activities each week, the HeyrexVet long term overview graphs allow you to build a picture of any changing behaviours over time, week to week, month to month and season to season.

Practical Veterinary Applications

Practical applications for the HeyrexVet long term graphs include:

  • Helping identify long term trends and patterns in activity levels
  • Allowing for easy identification of gradual activity changes that could indicate potential health and behavior issues.
  • Monitoring long term recuperation following treatment or surgery 

How the Long-term Overview Improves Standards of Care

HeyrexVet long term activity graphs improve the understanding of a patients normal behaviour leading to faster identification of gradual changes that often go unnoticed.
Treatment plans for many conditions can be monitored for efficacy and adjusted as needed without relying entirely on subjective observations.

Notifications for the Long-term Overview

Long term trends are captured in data presentations and monthly summaries whilst notifications will be sent about any interruptions to data collection that may require your attention, battery warnings and other information that could enhance the benefits that your hospital could gain from the HeyrexVet service.

Setting up the Long-term Overview Module

There is no additional set up required to use the long term activity graphs. Simply sign in to HeyrexVet and set your patient up with a monitor. Long-term overview data is displayed in a weekly bar chart with scroll-over option.

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