HeyrexVet™ Service Plan



1 Year

Client Users per Hospitals

Up to 100 users online at any time


$499/month payable monthly

The HeyrexVet service includes:

Treatment and Compliance

Weight Management

  • Dietary and Exercise Planning & Instructions
  • Food Database (3,700+) to set patient diet
  • Weigh-in History
  • Calorie Burn and Weight Loss Forecast


Pain Management

  • Resistance to exercise and night time disturbance trends
  • Effectiveness of pain relief over 24 hour period
  • Changes to sleeping patterns over medium and long term


Cage Rest

  • Manage Cage Rest Compliance for treatment and post surgery recuperation
  • Set recuperation rehabilitation activity plan
  • Receive compliance confirmation via pet owner Compliance Diary


Heart Worm Treatment

  • Full treatment program including managed ambulation for Heart Worm Treatment
  • Management and Compliance of medication dosage and exercise levels



  • Identification of scratching and the efficacy of treatment
  • Manage client Compliance confirmation via pet owner Compliance Diary
  • Linking pruritic events to daily activity, environment, eating and seasonal influences


Wearable Monitors

  • Includes 20 wearable monitors to enable accurate data collection
  • Full use instructions for monitor set-up on patient
  • Auto–replenishment of monitors as usage by your hospital requires (No storage required)
  • Additional monitors can be purchased from Heyrex as required)


Online Reports

  • Summary data and more detailed data presentations accessible by choice
  • Date select functionality to access retrospective patient data
  • Set consultations with your clients based on needs identified by the HeyrexVet service data


New Revenue Generation

Revenue for HeyrexVet Services

  • Charge your clients for HeyrexVet services used during your treatment and care
  • Include HeyrexVet service charges in your overall treatment or surgical fee
  • Provide HeyrexVet monitors to your clients for short term therapeutic or long term monitoring



  • Receive summaries of HeyrexVet patients requiring a consultation based on data notifications


Notifications and Alerts

Care Module Notifications

  • Notification platform means no extra hospital resource require
  • Specific module notifications to clients to maximize compliance with hospital instruction


Daily Summary

  • Summary list of HeyrexVet patients requiring attention based on analyzed data

Online Reports

  • Summary data and more detailed data presentations accessible as required for care
  • Date select functionality to access retrospective patient data 

Branding for your Hospital

  • Customize your own hospitals HeyrexVet service to become your own branded service

Getting Started and Training

  • Easy online service set-up and training


New Configurations

  • Service and configuration upgrades implemented without service disruption

Ongoing Training

  • On demand training of key personnel for existing features, updates, and new features

Priority Support

  • Available to your hospital via email and phone. Includes bug fixes, updates, and new features

Custom Reporting

  • Assistance in analysis of client data should it be required to assist you in providing specific care

Customer Success Management

  • Support, feature education, user adoption, recommendations, and configurations


Other Terms and Conditions

1. Additional monitors required by You are available for purchase in packs of 5 units at the cost of $149.95/unit or lease to own for $15/month/unit for 12 months.

2. All charges are exclusive of taxes.

3. Full Terms and Conditions apply.

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