Daily Activity

By identifying accurate trends as to how much time your patient spends participating in different activities, the HeyrexVet daily activity graphs allow you to build a picture of what your patient has been doing in any 24 hour period. The daily activity also allows focus on daily details when investigating changes in longer term trends

The base activities identified are running, walking, awake and moving (not running or walking), sleeping and scratching. These are presented in a collective way to offer a clear picture of your patient.

Heyrex vet also provides an experienced temperature for your patient throughout the day.

Practical Veterinary Applications

Practical applications for the HeyrexVet daily activity graphs include;

  • Helping to identify a patient reluctant to participate in extended running or walking indicative of possible joint or heart problems.
  • Comparing a patients level of deep sleep with restless sleep can indicate how well they are resting which can be indicative of joint or other painful conditions. A patient with a heart condition may also find it difficult to settle at night.
  • Monitor for pain during rest and recuperation following surgery by indentifying restful sleep and participation in extended running or walking.
  • Daily scratching levels can be used to identify potential allergens by allowing you to pinpoint times where allergen exposure happened.
  • Easily recognize repetitive activities common with anxiety or other behavioral conditions.
  • Monitor  extremes of temperature with the experienced temperature graph. Do your patients get too cold in Winter or too hot in Summer.  

How the Daily Activity Module Improves Standard of Care

HeyrexVet daily activity graphs allow for improved understanding of a patients normal behaviour leading to increased recognition of changes that could indicate developing problems.
By allowing you to easily spot periods of increased scratching and skin irritation the HeyrexVet daily graphs also allow for rapid identification of environmental allergens.
Treatment plans for many conditions can be monitored for efficacy and adjusted as needed without relying entirely on subjective observations.
These things all combine to provide improved standards of patient care in your hospital.

Notifications for the Daily Activity Module

Daily activity notifications are generated when a patients data shows a deviation from normal. This means that you as a veterinary professional do not have to spend time scouring the data but can choose to do so when a HeyrexVet Notification identifies an issue. Notifications for the Daily Activity Module include;

  • If a patient is more or less active than their normal
  • If a patient is scratching more than normal and whether treatment for scratching is being effective
  • If a patients sleeping patterns are disturbed and they have less sleep than normal.

Notifications are generated when this happens for one, two, four and six days in a row.
Notifications are based on each individual patients activity levels, they do not compare one patient with another.

Setting up the Daily Activity Module

There is no additional set up required to use the daily activity graphs. Simply sign in the HeyrexVet and set your patient up with a monitor.

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