Compliance Diary

The HeyrexVet Compliance Diary has been designed as a communication aid for veterinary staff and pet owners.

Practical Veterinary Applications

Practical applications for the HeyrexVet Compliance Diary include;

  • Recording occurrences of problem behaviour
  • Recording instances of visits to novel environments
  • Recording medication dosages.

How the Compliance Diary Improves Standards of Care

By allowing the owner to record unusual events in an online format the HeyrexVet compliance diary provide for increased understanding of your patients behaviours and routines.
By allowing you to access this record at any time the HeyrexVet compliance diary reduces the amount of time you need to spend in each consult going through any hand written records.
By comparing this record with the activity and scratching graphs you can easily and quickly identify potential exposure to allergens or possible causes of problem behaviours, allowing you to improve the speed and accuracy of any diagnosis.

Notifications for the Compliance Diary

The Compliance Diary is a passive system. There are no notifications generated when an entry is made.

Setting up the Compliance Diary

There is no additional set up required to use the compliance diary. Simply sign in to HeyrexVet and set your patient up with a monitor.

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