Cage Rest Module

The HeyrexVet Cage Rest module has been designed to help eliminate some of the challenges associated with post surgical recovery for patients after they have left the hospital.

Practical Veterinary Applications

Practical applications for the HeyrexVet Cage Rest module include:

  • Monitoring for appropriate levels of rest after surgery to ensure the smoothest possible recovery.
  • Monitoring for appropriate levels of rest after a medical illness
  • Monitoring any other situation where restricted rest is necessary for the on-going health of your patient.

How the Cage Rest Module Improves Standards of Care

The Cage Rest module provides you with the option to simply select default settings for monitoring or to set specific levels of acceptable exercise the HeyrexVet Cage Rest module allows for improved communication between you and your clients after any procedure and has proven to significantly improve client compliance.
By monitoring the exercise your patient is getting you can ensure a much smoother recovery and potentially reduce the need for repeat procedures due to misinterpretation about what cage rest actually means.

Notifications for the Cage Rest Module

Cage rest notifications are generated daily based on the acceptable levels of confinement or exercise (running and walking) you specify when setting the patient up in the HeyrexVet system. Notifications for the Cage rest module include:

  • If a patient exceeds the total minutes of allowed exercise in any one day.
  • If a patient exceeds the allowed length of exercise in any 15 minute period.

Notifications can be sent to your client, your hospital or both and you can determine this during the set up process.

Setting up the Cage Rest Module

Once you have set up your patient in the HeyrexVet system, simply click on the Cage Rest tab and click the “Enabled” button.

Once you have enabled the cage rest module for your patient you can enter the acceptable level of exercise in any 15 minute period and in total for any day. You can also set how many days you would like your patient restricted to that level of exercise.


Finally you can then decide who should receive any notifications generated.

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