"I purchased Heyrex because my dog was having some serious allergy problems and I needed to monitor her - the allergies are gone now! My experience with Heyrex has been excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to use the monitoring services."
Laura Bushnell - California, United States of America


I work from home so Fred spends most of the day with me in my workshop, we are pretty damn close. I was out on the town with my mates on Saturday night, I was able to check up on him from my phone using Heyrex to see what he was up to. All my friends thought it was pretty cute to be able to do that. 

Last week Fred went for a couple days holiday at my girlfriends parents farm  in Ashburton, it showed up on the graph that he was scratching, turns out he was laden with fleas, I noticed the graph change as soon as the scratching started. When he came home we doused him and he’s sweetas now.

Simon, Woolston, Christchurch.


Our springer spaniel Sam is an extremely active and happy dog. He loves the river and has a big run most days. As a springer its impossible to keep him out of the water. He has been in and out of the water a lot with his Heyrex on and it doesn’t seem to miss a beat. He plays hard during the day and sleeps well at night.

I am sure if anything crops up that we will notice in his activity graphs now that we have a good history of what his regular routine looks like. The kids enjoy checking it on a regular basis. We weren’t sure if anyone had taken him for a run on Sunday so we checked the graph to see, he had been twice. Too funny! 

Chris, Blenheim.


Moose is our first puppy, and Heyrex has been great to monitor the increase in his activity over time.  The graphs make it easy to see his activity and rest cycles from day to day and show us the big spikes that happen when he is out playing with his mates. 

It is also interesting to know that some nights he is waking up and moving around when we think he is sound asleep – no wonder he crashes out some days!  No question - Heyrex is a great tool to help keep watch over your best mate 24/7.   

Julie, Wanaka


Heyrex has been so beneficial for me. Our dog Brooklyn was 7 months old when we bought Heyrex and she is 14 months old now. She attends doggie day care so I can monitor her daily activity which is great while I'm at work and then I know what extra excercise is needed once we get her home from the graphs I read.

I can access Heyrex from my iPhone or iPad or computer so whenever I need to check on her, the data is readily available. I would highly reccomend Heyrex as it has so many features and benefits that keeps me totally in tune with my pet regarding sleep, activity and scratching. It's a must for any dog owner in my opinion.

Sue, Hamilton


I love checking on Charlie while she is at doggie daycare.  I had no idea how active and happy she was while there. Maybe that is why she sleeps so soundly at night... every night.   I also check in on her when I'm out of town from my smart phone.  Heyrex makes it so easy to keep an eye on her.

Jason, Auckland.

Massey University Usage Validation

Heyrex Monitors have been used at the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital for several research projects, including assesment of osteoarthritis in the working dog, and evaluating the effects of nutritional quality on working ability.

We hope to continue to use the new generation collars on similar projects that require continual assessment of dog mobility in the coming years.

Jonathan Bray
Associate Professor, companion Animal Clinical Studies
Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital


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