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We’ve been spending so much time in the paddocks and outside lately.

We’ve been spending so much time in the paddocks and outside lately. It's really fun. I've got to be a bit more careful around the ride on mower  ‘cause I can't hear too well. But Mum keeps a careful eye on me. She said she'll never let anything bad happen to us.

I thought that maybe my brother Sunset Sam was having hearing problems ‘cause I tell him things and he says he didn't hear me. I asked Mum about it and she said that there is nothing wrong with his hearing, it's just that he has selected hearing just like Dad and Hugo. She said it’s a condition mainly found in boys.

So the other day when we were down in the paddock and Sam was asking about the ride on mower, I told him the big black thing at the bottom was the grass cutter and really dangerous. Not long after that he disappeared. We looked everywhere for him. Mum wouldn't let Dad move the ride on mower till we found Sam. Dad was getting a bit annoyed with Mum, but she gave him ‘that’ look and then he thought it was a good idea.

Lucky Dad listened to Mum, ‘cause all of a sudden we could hear Sam calling out to us. And then just like that, he popped his head out from underneath the ride on – right where the grass cutter is!

‘Sam’ I yelled ‘what you doing inside the grass cutter?’ and he was like ‘Say whaaaaat? Grass cutter? I thought you said Mouse Catcher!’


He got into a bit of trouble with Mum, but not too much. She was just really happy that he was OK. After that, we all had to go inside. Mum said that was enough excitement for one day.

Hugo’s fleas must be getting better ‘cause Heyrex has only been sending Mum the odd email about him scratching too much. Now Mum thinks his ears are getting gummy again cause he keeps rubbing his ears on the ground. He looks so funny when he does that, his big butt sticks in the air. But it's almost time for his arthritis injection, so Mum will get Peta to check his ears then.

Hey, here’s a photo of Sam as he's coming out from underneath the ride on. He’s such a nut bar.

Anyhoo, I'd better go now, it's time to go gather some pine cones for winter. Gathering pine cones for winter is my favorite thing.

Lots of licky lick kisses,


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