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Time marches on

Time marches on and Tui continues to improve with walking on the knee he had surgery only a couple of months ago now. With the exercise regime and anti-inflammatory medications prescribed by the vet, Tui has managed to improve every single day, from initially putting minimal weight on the leg, to slowly putting more and more weight on the leg, to the point where now he is almost running as he used to earlier on this year. During this time the Heyrex monitor has managed to capture some great data on this gradual increase in activity. 


Of interest late last month was an evening after which Tui had had a lot of exercise during the day. That evening Tui couldn’t settle, even despite his anti-inflammatory pain relief – a sign that he had perhaps overdone it that day! This was quite obvious from Tui’s sleep behavior as seen via his Heyrex monitor.

First of all – let’s take a look at Tui’s sleep data from a couple of days prior to this event:


As you can see – Tui had a pretty restful night’s sleep on Tuesday 21st of April, managing to get good rest for 82% of the evening. Moving forward a couple of days to Thursday 23rd April and we can see that Tui simply couldn’t settle all evening, spending a lot of the evening pacing from room to room. 


During this evening, Tui was only able to get good rest for 45% of the night. This meant a disrupted night’s sleep for Tui and the entire Edwards family.

With this information in hand and the details of the exercise Tui had the day before, Tui’s vet was able to prescribe an extra pain relief medication for a couple of days, as well as alter Tui’s recovery exercise plan for the next couple of weeks.

The sensitivity of the Heyrex monitor in this sort of situation is fantastic and it is plain to see the sort of important events it can highlight!

Until next time,

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