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That Ramona hijacked my blog last month

Hi everyone, it’s me, Harriett

That Ramona hijacked my blog last month. She’s so naughty sometimes. She made out she’s really tough and stuff, but she’s just a big softie. And she said that I’m a bit clingy. Sheesh!! She’s the clingy one – won’t let Mum out of her sight. Except for when she’s hunting. She is a really good hunter. Always catching mice and rats. And lizards, she catches loads of lizards.

And how funny that she thinks that Heyrex is a person. I tried to tell her that it’s all inter-web stuff, but she’s like “I know what I’m talking about”.

Hey, guess what. Mum surprised us big time. We got to go to holiday camp again. Camp Mother was sooo happy to see us all. She said that we are her favourite pups. This time she even let us visit Lucy and Ramona and our brother Sunset Sam. That was fun. Except there was this big fat cat who kept trying to see us as well. Pain in the butt he was. And poor old Lucy got a bit sick. Camp Mother had to take her to the vets ‘cause she kept coughing and her eyes went all red. Apparently, she was stressing out. And this caused her to cough and stuff. She got some pills and then felt heaps better. She wasn’t a happy camper though. She just wanted to get home. Camp Mother was really good to her and gave her extra cuddles and treats.

When Mum and Dad came to pick us up, Camp Mother asked if we could stay a bit longer. I was like, Hell no – I want to go home with Mum and Dad. She said she would miss us terribly and that we needed to come back soon. I like going to Holiday Camp, but I’m really hoping it’s not too soon that we get to go back. I mean, it’s lots of fun and stuff, but being home with Mum and Dad is way better. Plus the kittens get to sleep with us at night when we’re home and at the moment that’s a good thing ‘cause it’s so cold.

Do you want to know what’s really funny? Since being home, Heyrex has said that our resting has increased by 872%. That’s because there is so much to do at Holiday Camp. There are loads of other dogs to play with, and the forest to go running in. Hugo said he’s really happy that his resting has increased since being home, he much prefers to rest LOL.

Here’s a photo of Ramona sleeping on my tummy. This shows just how much of a softie she really is.

Anyway, I’d better go now. It’s time to help Mum defrost the meat for our dinner. Defrosting meat is my favourite thing.

Lots of licky lick kisses.


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