Why we made it

At Heyrex we understand the value the close companionship of a pet has in your life - we’re animal lovers just like you! Heyrex was established in 2004 by a like-minded team who wanted a way to help both busy owners and their beloved animals. Using the latest technology, we developed a product that helps you to understand your dog better than ever before, from anywhere in the world.

What does Heyrex do?

Heyrex is a monitor that fits to your dog's regular collar, building a profile of your dog's behavior. It achieves this by recording every aspect of your dog's activity in real time, transferring the information to the Heyrex receiver every time your dog comes within range. The Heyrex monitor collates data related to your dog's behavior: exercise levels, scratching, sleep quality and other behavioral or health issues. It uses wireless technology to transmit that data from monitor to receiver, sending you automatic notifications when behavior changes, improves or indicates a health problem. Heyrex provides weekly and monthly summaries in user-friendly graphs that are simple to interpret. It even has a diary function where you can record key milestones in your companion's life.


The Heyrex Story

The hero of the Heyrex story is David Gibson, a tireless innovator, inventor and dog lover. David adored his two Cairn terriers, Harry and Becky. But he was also very busy, and worried that his terriers weren’t getting the attention they deserved.

In the spring of 2004, while walking Harry and Becky, the teeth of an idea began to nip at David’s mind. David believed that, while dogs can’t speak, they communicate through their actions and their behavior. By recording and analyzing those actions and behavior, he thought, he’d have the solution to understanding their needs.

His idea would change the way dogs communicate with their owners. Not only would it help build a closer bond between dogs and humans, it also had the potential to identify a number of medical and psychological conditions that could otherwise go undetected.

So David set to work. For three years he worked furiously, developing a wireless monitor that could record a dog’s daily activity, transmit the data wirelessly and interpret it through a set of complex algorithms.

At last David had a working prototype. He called it Heyrex. Early units were trialled in homes and animal hospitals with great success. At the same time, an independent trial in the UK proved that Heyrex was highly accurate.

It was a victory for Heyrex, now a faithful team. 
 But David was fighting another battle. Tragically, he passed away in late 2011, never to see his invention reach the market.

Heyrex remains true to David’s innovative spirit and continues to develop his legacy, his vision to improve the lives of our canine companions. We hope that you and your dog will join us on this exciting adventure.

The Heyrex Team

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Why we made it & the Heyrex story.